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Funding for Work-Based Training

WES funding for work based training  
Attend a Workforce Education Services Orientation for more information and to apply to any of our grant programs.
These are held every week and are open to the public. Also, you can visit our blog anytime for current information.

Need help paying for school?

We help fund your education!

Getting food help from DSHS?

 learn about BFET  

Getting WA unemployment
checks recently?
 learn about Worker Retraining  

Low-income student
in a demand pathway?
 learn about Opportunity Grant  

Currently working
in a childcare center?

 learn about Early Achievers OG  

Attend a WES Orientation!

Please be on time! Doors lock 10min after start and you will be asked to attend the following week. Thank you.




Winter quarter orientations: October 21st; November 18th; December 16th


9am-12pm: Admissions, Compass Prep, Building 9

                                                       (College Orientation and Registration Experience)


1pm-3pm: Apply for Workforce Funding-Building 10 Room 103


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Learn about getting started and workforce training options!


Application Deadlines

view academic calendar

to start Winter 2017,

apply by December 27, 2016

step 1: attend orientation (info above)

Office Hours

Building 9 (Temporarily)

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm


Campus closed Nov. 11th

Campus closed Nov. 24th & 25th